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Minty-Lemony Lamb (Keto)

I LOVE the lamb at Texas de Brazil. It is the only reason I go there. So I decided to recreate it tonight.

Disclaimer: I was way too excited to cook and eat this, and totally forgot to take pictures. I was worried it would turn out terrible- my first time ever making lamb. Next time  (which will be very soon) I will take pictures.

I bought $8 worth of lamb from HEB, which was perfect for two people.

Fresh mint leaves, 1 lemon, lemon pepper mix (the one in a grinder so it is nice and fresh) and a bottle of chardonnay to cook with and drink while cooking.


I marinaded the lamb for about 20 minutes in this concoction flipping it once:

I filled a pan about 1/4 inch deep with chardonnay, minced the mint leaves probably 2-3 tablespoons, 2 tablespoons of lemon pepper, squeezed half of a lemon, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.  I also added extra lemon juice to the side that was not submerged. Prior to putting it in the skillet, I crusted one side with lemon pepper again and put that side down in the skillet, then crusted the other side (top).

I don't have a charcoal grill, so for the cooking portion, I researched a few recipes and decided to use my cast iron skillet on medium (exactly 5 on my electric stovetop). Oh,  how I wish I had a gas stove...

I added a nice thick layer of olive oil and made sure the pan was heated thoroughly. I cooked the lamb chop for 3 minutes on each side. Removed it from the skillet and moved it to a plate, poured all of the liquid from the pan on top of it, and covered it with tin coil for about 10 minutes. This left it medium, so add some time if you want it done or well done.

We paired the with Baked asparagus, diced potatoes (exclude if you are paleo), and a nice red wine (definitely exclude for paleo). It was fantastic and definitely comparable to the lamb at Texas De Brazil.

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