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Pork Carnitas (Keto)

1. Carnitas seasoning – rub pork with a simple spice mix of oregano, cumin, 2 bay leaves, onion powder or onion, salt and pepper.

2. Add flavor for cooking – top pork in slow cooker with onion, garlic and jalapeño, then pour over orange juice (the secret ingredient!). It sounds so simple, but with hours of slow cooking, mingling with the pork juices, it transforms into the most incredible braising broth that more than makes up for the absence of gallons of lard.

3. Slow cook until the pork is pull-apart tender and infused with incredible flavor. I cook on high in my crock pot for approximately 6 hours.

4. Drain the pork in a colander but save the liquid, remove bay leaves

5. Rehydrate the meat by putting pork back into the baking dish and pouring the liquid over the meat.

6. Broil in oven or Brown in skillet and occasionally cover with more juices from crock pot. When slightly crispy, top with Herdez salsa verde and enjoy with tortillas and cheese.

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