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Boarding & Training

"Horses are the best when they understand what you want from them"

Welcome to Gypsy Farms Full Care Boarding & Training programs

As a horse owner, it is your responsibility to maintain the following for your horse, however, we are happy to help coordinate these services with our farrier and vet visits: 

  • Maintain a deworming and vaccination schedule

  • Keep a current coggins on your horse.

  • Farrier work must be done on a routine basis with either a trim or shoes

  • Annual vaccines and vet care including teeth floating


Additionally,  you are encouraged to purchase equine medical and liability insurance on your horse. Please take a look at our boarding packages below.

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Fave Biggie snow nose copy.jpg

$450 a month


Electrolytes: $25 per month-1 scoop 1x a day in the morning.

Other supplements:

We can feed other supplements at no cost such as weight gain or bran, but you must supply them.

Other fees:

Administering medicine: $5 per oral dose $10 per IV dose

Beet pulp: $5 per day, you must provide beet pulp

Blanketing: $15 per day when it needs to be removed and reapplied. 


2 flakes of coastal hay 2 times a day

1 scoop 2x a day of Lissie & Eckel Superglo 

Pasture board

Access to all riding areas

Boarding and Add-Ons


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We offer several options for training

Weekend Only: 
Training: $100

- 2 flakes of coastal hay 2x day

- 1 scoop of grain 2x day

- 2 training hours each day


One Week (7 days):

Training: $300 

- 2 flakes of coastal hay 2x day

- 1 scoop of grain 2x day

- 14 to 20 training hours

One Month:
Training: $1000

- 1 scoop 2x day

- 2 flakes of coastal hay 2x day

- (Add-on) Alfalfa 1 flake 2x day: $100

- (Add-on) 2nd scoop of grain at each feeding: $100

- At least 2 training hours each day (5-6 days a week)

Training a-la-carte: 

- Lunging: 30 minutes- $10

- Training Lunging: 30 min with additional equipment- $20

- Training Ride: 1 hour- $45

- Private Training Lesson: 1 hour- $60 

- Group Training Lesson: 1 hour- $45

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