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Sara Winder Photography 

I specialize in capturing special moments between horse and rider. Perhaps you want to capture some precious images of you interacting with your horse from the ground, or some action shots as you race around the barrels or fly through the air, or maybe you are looking for a unique way to welcome a new horse into this world with mare maternity photos, or you want a photographer there as you say goodbye to your best friend before they cross over the rainbow bridge. 

In addition to equine photography, I also offer family portraits, maternity photos, and senior pictures, specializing in outdoor photography. 


Whether you want to capture moments with your horses our ours, we have you covered. We have a beautiful area to take photographs at our location. You can bring your horse here or choose one of our sweet horses to be a part of your portraits.  I am also available to come to a location of your choice with one of our horses, or just with my camera. I do not charge per person, just by time spent photographing.


What to Expect:

Most sessions last about an hour. Please bring any hairspray, makeup, change of clothes, etc. with you. You should also consider bringing a mirror just to double check that you or your family members look the way you want them to look. During the session I will pose you (and family if family portraits) in several poses that best suit the number in your group. I will also tell you if something is out of place or something looks off so we can make the most out of our time together. Sometimes sessions are shorter and sometimes they are longer, depending on lighting, group size, locations, etc. Expect 1 hour, but plan for 2.


Mini-Sessions Booking for:

Bluebonnet Sessions April (TBD)   (5 spot  left)

Cowboy Photoshoot January  16th  from 3-5 pm (contact us)

Mini sessions are $65 dollars and are dependent on multiple bookings. You will receive 15 minutes of photography and 3-5 edited images. This is only for one child, additional children will cost $20 each. We will book 8 sessions each day. To sign up, you can book online for a unicorn mini session and pick the day/time slot that works best for you. I will require a deposit after you book. 


Riding Lesson and Photoshoot

This package includes a private riding lesson ($60) with Jessica with an hour long photoshoot by Sara ($150). additional riders are an additional $40 each (max 4 riders). You will get action shots and portraits on and off the horse. We will work with you to make sure that you have fun and capture the memorable lesson at Gypsy Farms.  


Samples of this type of shoot:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Black Background Equine Session

$200 for a photo shoot of your horse,  this includes 2-3 edited images of your choice (this includes BLACK BACKGROUND), and an additional 10 unedited images of your choice. This does not include any additional travel expenses.

Horse & Humans (Portraits with Horses)

$150 includes 1 hour of photography and 10 edited images if you come to us using our horses .

Sample 1                  

Sample 2       

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

If we use my horses: The agreed upon horse will be clean and ready for the photoshoot. If you are doing just a photoshoot and no lesson, the horse will not be saddled and there is no riding involved other than the occasional still shot of the subject on the horse. We have two locations that we do most of our shoots on site, one is in the arena where it is bright, and the other is in a "wooded" area. If you plan to dress formally, bring shoes that you can slip in and out of to move from place to place. We have a lot of rock, so high heels tend to get scuffed easily on our property. 

If we use your horse: If I am doing a session with you and your horse, prior to my arrival, make sure that your horse is clean, and shiny, manes and tails are pulled, hooves are shined and tack is clean. Have an idea of which types of tack you want to use during your shoot. Some options include just a headstall, full bridle and saddle, halter, or invisible halter (I will use a thin halter that is edited out during the editing process). Do you want to be in the photos or do you just want photos or your horse? During the session, I will take about 100 pictures. I will review and do initial editing on the best 20-30 photos. I will then share those images with you so you can select your favorite 10 images for final editing and delivery to you. Any additional editing is $50 per hour

Family Photo Session

$200 for the session, this includes travel of up to 30 minutes and 10-20 edited images of your choice. 

Click here to view sample family session

Maternity Session

$200 for the session, this includes travel of up to 30 minutes and 10 edited images of your choice. 


Cory and April

Engagement Session

$200 for the session, this includes travel of up to 30 minutes and 10 edited images of your choice. 

Portraiture Session

$200 for the session, this includes travel of up to 30 minutes (Landa park is a new favorite spot) and 10 edited images of your choice. 

Click here to view sample senior photos

Family Session

Capturing memories before it bites you in the butt (Remy biting Gypsy)

Remy Butt Bute.JPG
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