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Riding Tips: Asking for a collected and in-frame circle

Use this diagram as your guide:

To ask for a circle to the left in-frame and collected:

-  The left hand should for a left hand circle lift and move to position #2 and then move to #0, to tilt the nose in and to lift the rib. 

- The left leg should lay it against the horse softly in position # L2 to move the rib over

- The body should turn to the right at the hips

- The right leg should move to position #R2 urge the horse forward and should lay against the horse to push the horse around in the circle.

- The right hand should stay in a neutral position and apply a little pressure to keep the shoulder from moving out and to tuck the nose for collection.

Remember that the horse reacts to your movements. When you drop your inside hand it will:

1. Drop your inside shoulder and lock up your horse's shoulder.

2. Pushes your horse's hip to the outside.

3. your inside leg pushes your horse out of the circle.

When you lift your inside hand, it will:

1. it moves your weight to the outside seat bone.

2. it lifts your shoulder.

3. it opens up your horse's shoulder so it can step around.

4. opens up your inside seat bone.

You want to always be sure to create an area of no pressure, that is where the horse will go. If ou create an area of pressure, the horse will want to get away form that area. Now it is up to you to recognize where your body creates pressure as you go through exercises in the arena. Your body can create press in theleg, seat bones, and rein. Be sure that you are creating pressure that you WANT to cease in order to ask the horse to do something, not on accident or because of your lack of muscle strength. 

This information was learned and derived from classes taken at the Global Equine Academy

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