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Registration Requirements and costs

In order to register your horse in the GHA registry, your horse will undergo a series of tests for different categories. The horse will receive a score for each category, and an overall score. These scores will be available to all members to view. You will also be required to submit photos of your horse to show all markings, front, back, left and right sides. 


  • Confirmation (verified through photos)

  • Five Dimensions of Equine Personality:

    • Fear/susceptibility to emotions;

    • Gregariousness (sociability with other horses);

    • Sensorial (tactile) sensitivity;

    • Reactivity to humans, and.

    • Locomotor activity.

  • Temperament Scale

  • Training Level

  • Hoof and Hair Health 

  • Health Report (optional)

  • Background/History of Horse (optional)


Five Dimensions of Equine Personality: How Researchers Judge Horses' Temperaments – The › how-researchers-judge-horses-temperaments

Temperament Scale:


The cost to have your horse assessed and registered through GHA is $50. 

Horses belonging to legitimate 501C horse rescues are free of cost to register with GHA. This incentive is to help good horses find the right home.

Click here to begin the registration process

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